A bike courier has been murdered… and everyone in the town of Passing B.C. is a suspect! Suspects include his keen green boss, his troubled train conductor fiancé, his ambitious Chemistry professor, Passing’s anti-bike mayor and a CEO with Gramsci issues. Detective Epicene (with secrets of her own) must untangle a bewildering conspiracy involving bikes, cars, opera, gender and corporate greenwashing to expose the murderer…

Murder In Passing was the first-ever transmedia project for commuters, with new episodes appearing daily on Toronto’s subway platform screens and online, from January 7 to March 1, 2013. It is currently being made into a feature film.


Mars Brito: Chase Joynt
Detective Epicene: Alexander Chapman
Mayor Keele: Arsinee Khanjian
Cop: Stephen Chen
Professor Klein: Nina Arsenault
Bike Boss: Moynan King
Fiance: Erin Bardua
CEO: Guierllmo Verdechia
Reporter: Ramzi Ayash
Fugue Singers: David Wall, Jeremy Ludwig, Erin Bardua, Stephen Chen

Writer/Director: John Greyson
Composer: David Wall
Co-Producers: Anneli Ekborn, Sharon Switzer
Camera: Maya Bankovic
Editor: Avril Jacobson

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